On-Demand CE/CME

GLMA is proud to partner with Violet, the industry's first cultural competence analytics and training platform for health professionals, to bring on-demand CE/CME opportunities to all GLMA members, free of charge. 

Whether you are brand new to LGBTQ+ health care or looking to take your skills to the next level, Violet's comprehensive library has the right opprotunities for you. In the Violet library, you will find cutting-edge educational resources tailored to LGBTQ+ healthcare needs, BIPOC health care, and much more, empowering you to deliver affirming and competent care to all patients. 

Through this partnership, GLMA members have free, on-demand access to:

  • 50+ hours of on-demand health care education, including LGBTQ+ health care

  • 20+ collections with continuing education credits with easy-to-download certificates in the platform

  • Interactive, engaging content (i.e. the Implicit Bias collection)

  • Live, synchronous, quarterly webinars and health equity talks

  • Greater insights into your level of cultural competence and areas for growth

These offerings help ensure clients’ unique identities are considered throughout their experience, resulting in:

  • 75% higher provider confidence
  • 15% increased patient retention rates
  • 11% increased appointment adherence, and more

How to Access Violet's Library

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As of February 2024, access to on-demand CE/CME opportunities through Violet is included in GLMA memberships. 

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