GLMA Sections

GLMA recognizes that effective care for LGBTQ+ patients requires teamwork and coordination across different professions, while balancing the reality that each healthcare profession has its own set of skills, knowledge, and priorities. Thus, our profession-specific Sections were established as a way for health professionals to enjoy the benefits of being part of an interdisciplinary organization while also building community among colleagues within their respective professions. Through our sections for specific professions, GLMA can tailor its resources, advocacy efforts, and networking opportunities to better meet the needs and interests of its members.

As an integral part of GLMA, Sections are responsible for honoring GLMA’s mission while focusing on specific goals and activities that pertain to the interests of section members. GLMA's profession-specific sections help increase the visibility and representation of LGBTQ+ professionals within their respective fields, advancing professional-specific workforce diversity, policies and institutional reforms, and professional development.

Join a Section

The GLMA Nursing Section is the first and only GLMA Section. The Nursing Section focuses on making healthcare more LGBTQ+ affirming through practice, education and research, policy, and organizational climate committees. Any GLMA member who supports the goals of the section and is committed to interdisciplinary connections among all health professionals is welcome to join.

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Interested in Starting a Section?

Starting a new section within GLMA allows you to connect with other healthcare professionals who share your interests and passions. By building a community of like-minded professionals, you can share knowledge, resources, and support one another in your professional development and advocacy efforts. 

To get started, here are the basic requirements:

  • Support from a GLMA board member, committee member, or staff member.
  • Proposed leadership structure with set-term limits, operation plan, and meeting schedule.
  • At least 40 current or prospective GLMA members from a shared profession.

For more information about GLMA Sections, including how to join or the process to develop a section proposal for board approval, please contact us at