Championing LGBTQ+ Health Equity for Over 40 Years

As the oldest and largest association of LGBTQ+ health professionals, GLMA is a vital resource for policy-makers and coalition partners throughout the country working to promote LGBTQ+ health equity. GLMA builds power by harnessing the expertise of its vast membership to promote supportive evidence for innovative LGBTQ+ inclusive policy and challenging the misinformation and disinformation that underpins discriminatory policy.

Since 1981, GLMA has advanced LGBTQ+ causes in all areas of policy from local to federal initiatives. Early on, GLMA focused on HIV/AIDS and the issues faced by physicians coming out at work, but as the climate and culture changed, GLMA became a leader in myriad areas of health policy advocacy related to LGBTQ+ communities. 

Today, GLMA remains the trusted expert in LGBTQ+ health equity and continues to drive change at all levels, focusing on a two-fold agenda: ensuring health equity and access to affirming care for all LGBTQ+ people and equality for LGBTQ+ health professionals in their work and learning environments. In this work, GLMA also strives to center the experiences of historically-excluded communities - such as intersex people, BIPOC communities, people with disabilities, and transgender and non-binary people - to make the most impact.

We’ve made tremendous strides, but there is still work to be done. To join the movement for LGBTQ+ health equity, become a GLMA member today.

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As a trusted partner of numerous health professional associations, GLMA advances LGBTQ+ inclusion throughout the healthcare industry and mobilizes allies to fight for change at all levels of policy.

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