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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about submitting an abstract for GLMA’s Annual Conference.  Be sure to read the instructions and tips as well.  To contact us, please email us at annualconference@glma.org.

Q: Do I need to be a member of GLMA to submit an abstract?
A: No; you do not need to be a member of GLMA to submit an abstract. Anyone can submit an abstract.

Q: What types of abstracts are considered for the GLMA Annual Conference?
GLMA is calling for two types of abstract submissions: Workshops Sessions and Original Research Sessions. Workshops are interactive sessions with multidisciplinary attendees and should be developed to allow for an in-depth presentation and discussion of a topic. Original Research Sessions are for the presentation of research, and includes sections on background, methods, results and discussion. For more information, please see the Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts.

Q: May I present my research if it has been published or presented elsewhere?
A: Yes; GLMA encourages the submission of research that has been published or presented elsewhere as well as research not previously published or presented. You will be asked during the abstract submission process to indicate if it has been published or presented previously.

Q: Does my research need to be completed to submit an abstract?
A: Yes; all research must be completed in order to submit an abstract. Research results are expected to be included in the abstract.

Q: Does the word count stated in the abstract submission process include citations and statistics?
A: Yes; the word count in the online abstract submission system includes all text as well as citations, references and statistics.

Q: May I present multiple times during the conference?
A: Yes; individuals are permitted to submit multiple abstracts and, if selected for inclusion, permitted to present multiple times during the conference.

Q: Can I resume my submission or revise an already completed submission at a later time?
Yes, you can. You can access an incomplete or revise a completed abstract by clicking here. Use the primary presenter email and the unique passcode originally e-mailed at the start of your abstract submission. You do not need to log-in to an account to do this. (Please note, every abstract has a unique passcode associated with it, which will be e-mailed to you at the start of your submission. If you are submitting multiple abstracts, be sure to keep track of the unique passcode associated with each submission in order to access or resume your submission at a later time).

 Q: I have lost my unique abstract passcode. How can I access my incomplete or submitted abstract?
A: E-mail annualconference@glma.org with the primary presenter’s name and e-mail, and we will resend you the email containing your unique passcode.

Q: Will my abstract be considered for the GLMA Annual Nursing Summit?
A: If your abstract is relevant to nursing, you will have the option to indicate whether you would like your abstract considered by the planners of the day-long pre-conference GLMA Annual Nursing Summit being held on Wednesday, Sept. 11. Consideration and/or selection by the GLMA Annual Nursing Summit neither precludes nor guarantees selection for the GLMA Annual Conference.

Q: Do I need to have all my speakers lined up (and included on my abstract) prior to submitting the abstract?
A: Yes; all speakers MUST be determined prior to submitting the abstract. Additionally, all speakers must submit the required speaker forms during the abstract submission process. Speakers’ qualifications are considered when selecting abstracts for inclusion in GLMA’s Annual Conference. Only in special circumstances (and with GLMA’s permission) will abstracts accepted for inclusion in the conference have the opportunity to add speakers. Note: Only workshop sessions are permitted more than one speaker.

Q: I didn’t receive a confirmation that my abstract was submitted. Was it?
A: Once you click “submit” in the online system, you should see a screen that says “Your Abstract has been submitted. A confirmation email has been sent.” If you did not see this screen and did not receive a confirmation email from annualconference@glma.org, please go back to your abstract submission (using the unique passcode emailed to you at the start of your submission) and hit “Confirm and Submit” on the last page.

Q: When will I know if my abstract has been selected?
A: Authors will be sent a notification via email by the end of May alerting them of the Education Committee’s decision.

Q: Do I get to choose if I will present my research as an oral presentation or as a poster presentation?
A: No. If your research abstract submission is accepted, GLMA’s Education Committee will select if it will be an oral or poster presentation.

Q: If my abstract is selected, will I receive a discount to the conference?
A: Yes. All speakers at the Annual Conference will receive a discounted registration rate. Speakers who are GLMA members will receive an additional discount. Join GLMA now!

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