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Lesbian Health Fund Publications 2009

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"The Experience of Group Weight Loss Efforts among Lesbians"
  Periodical: Women & Health
Authors: Fogel, S. C., Young, L. & McPherson, J. B.
Yr: 2009 Vol: 49 No. 6, 540-554
Associated Grant: Evaluation of a Predominantly Lesbian Weight Loss Intervention
"Discharged for Homosexuality from the Canadian Military: Health Implications for Lesbians"
  Periodical: Feminism & Psychology
Authors: Poulin, C., Gouliquer, L., & Moore, J.
Yr: 2009 Vol: 19 Nb: 4 Pgs: 497-516
Associated Grant: Discharged from the Canadian Military for Homosexuality: the Health Consequences for Lesbian Service Members and Their Partners
"Lesbian/Bisexual Mothers and Intimate Partner Violence: Help Seeking in the Context of Social and Legal Vulnerability"
  Periodical: Violence against Women
Authors: Hardesty JL, Oswald RF, Khaw L, Fonseca C.
Yr: 2009
Associated Grant: Intimate partner Violence and Lesbian Motherhood
"Sexual desire, communication, satisfaction and preferences of men and women in same-sex versus mixed-sex relationships"
  Periodical: Journal of Sex Research
Authors: Holmberg, D., Blair, K.L. & Phillips, M.
Yr: 2009 Vol: 46 Nbr: 1 Pgs: 57-66
Associated Grant: Perceived Network Support for Relationships as a Predictor of Physical and Mental Health


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