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Please Note: Posted below are PowerPoint presentations (in pdf format) and audio recordings (in mp3 format) from the Cancer in Our Lives conference. Right-click to save files to your hard drive or left-click to play or view them within your browser.



Saturday, October 14, 2006
Community Focus on Cancer
At the San Francisco LGBT Community Center
Opening Remarks
Presenter: Jim Shattuck
Plenary Panel: Why Should We Care? Making Cancer an LGBTQI Issue
Moderator: Jim Shattuck
Presenter: Shane Snowdon and Sara Orozco, PhD
We are a community at risk. Having LGBTQI status in this society puts us at enhanced risk for cancer. The health care system often overlooks our unique needs or presents a hostile environment to be avoided. The alcohol and tobacco industries target our communities with their products that can cause us harm. As a result of all this morbidity and mortality rates for some cancers are disproportionate in our community. This session takes an in-depth look at the social and behavioral risk factors that make cancer an issue we need to address in our community.
Plenary Panel: What Do We Know? Cancer Research, Screening & Risk Reduction
Moderator: David Latini, PhD
Jack Burkhalter, PhD, summary of LGBT cancer research studies
Michael Berry, MD, summary of presentations from Friday’s event
Amy Andre, MA, LGBTQI risk reduction and screening guidelines
Relatively little cancer research has been done specifically including/addressing LGBTQI people. But there have been some studies and the number of researchers working in this area is expanding. This presentation will summarize what we know from the research that has been done. We will hear about the material presented one day earlier at the Medical Professionals gathering. And we will explore what you need to know about early detection and risk reduction behaviors suited to our communities/bodies/lives.

Plenary Panel: The Give and Take of Caring: The ABCs of Taking Care of Business
Moderators: Jim Shattuck and Barbara Buckley
The Love Troopers, Organizer: Yoseñio Lewis

Caring for Caregivers, Organizer: Barbara Buckley, LCSW, with LGBTQI cancer caregiver representatives
Cancer: Our Legal and Financial Realities, Organizer: Lisabeth Castro-Smyth

So someone you love has cancer...or you yourself have been diagnosed with cancer. As life-changing as that news may be, it’s even more so if you must re-create your support system. This workshop highlights many ways to take care of yourself and your loved ones: emotionally, logistically, legally and financially. You will hear from the Lovetroopers, a support system created by Heather Macallister “to share love and spread it around!” The Lovetroopers have become the model for “do-it-yourself” care, when traditional systems of care are not available.

Just as the person diagnosed with cancer needs attention and creative support, so too do the caregivers. Participants talk about the needs and issues for loved ones and the kinds of resources available to help. All important legal and financial concerns for the queer person with cancer and their caregivers and chosen families are addressed.

Download Podcast [mp3 73mb] >>

Breakout Sessions

How does the threat of cancer affect those with intersex variations (non-standard male or female sex anatomies)?

David Cameron

Milton Diamond, PhD

Mani Bruce Mitchell

We'll show the 13-minute film "XXXY" about Kristi and Howard's personal journey of living with intersex anatomies and the decisions that were made for them as children. We'll have a discussion of the possible affects of these decisions, whether appropriate or not, and discuss potential cancer and HRT risks.

Download Podcast [mp3 53mb] >>


Young People and Cancer
Presenter: Angela L. Padilla, Esq.

Young women diagnosed with breast cancer face special medical and psychosocial issues. Speaking from personal experience, this panel of young survivors, along with treating physicians, will describe the challenges they encounter during diagnosis and treatment. This diverse panel embraces the full spectrum of patient experience, from primary cancer to local recurrence, distant metastasis and long-term survival.

Download Podcast [mp3 57mb] >>

Spoken Word Performances
Organizer: Margo Rivera-Weiss

Join three queer cancer survivors for a lively hour of words about cancer. First diagnosed with cancer at 21, Tania Katan is an award-winning author, playwright, and performer. Katan will read from her unforgettable memoir, My One-night Stand With Cancer. She writes about her cancer experience, neurotic family, and egomaniacal girlfriends with humor and candor. Transgender activist, YoseñioV. Lewis, will share his experiences of living through the diagnosis and treatment of breast and uterine cancers. Jesus Guillen, a San Francisco-based singer and composer, will treat us to a few songs about his experiences.

Download Podcast [mp3 10mb] >>


Closing Summary and Next Steps: Looking Good, Looking Forward
Presenter: Lori J. Fresina

Ours is not the first gathering to address cancer in our community. This presentation takes a look at the significant steps forward made by others in the past and, given what we have experienced today, what each of us can do moving forward in the fight for quality, competent, relevant cancer care.

Download Podcast [mp3 25mb] >>



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For more information about this event contact Jim Shattuck at the American Cancer Society, San Francisco office at jim.shattuck@cancer.org.

Special thanks to Joey Muller at Icehouse Recording for his quality mp3 recordings. www.icehouserecording.com

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