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YOU Can Help GLMA Maintain its Role in the AMA
& Support LGBTQ Health!

A strong partnership with the AMA and other leading health professional associations is critical to the success of GLMA's mission. GLMA's eligibility for the AMA House of Delegates is under routine review and to keep our seat in the HOD, a certain percentage of GLMA members, specifically physicians and medical school students, must also be a members of the AMA. 

How YOU Can Help:
Physicians & Medical School Students:
  • Already a GLMA member? Please join the AMA!
  • Already an AMA member? Please join GLMA!
  • Not a member of either? Please join both GLMA or AMA!
  • Already a member of both? Thank you! Please spread the word to any physicians or medical school students you know to join both GLMA and the AMA!
Other Providers & Supporters of GLMA:
Your support is important to us. Help us meet our goal and ask physicians or medical school students you know to join both the AMA and GLMA
Join GLMA and/or the AMA today!

Unsure if your GLMA membership is up-to-date? Email us at membership@glma.org!


More About GLMA's Role in the AMA:

Over the past few years, GLMA has participated firsthand in the remarkable role the American Medical Association has taken in supporting LGBTQ health, including the numerous AMA policy statements in support of addressing the health concerns of LGBTQ people. 

GLMA has played a key part in influencing AMA policy during this time, in particular through our seat in the AMA House of Delegates. As the first and only LGBTQ organization to maintain a seat in the HOD, GLMA has the ability to draft and introduce policy, and testify in committee and on the House floor in support of LGBTQ health. 

Just this summer, the AMA successfully adopted a policy statement designed to ensure transgender individuals have access to basic human services, including the use of restroom facilities consistent with gender identity. GLMA was proud to introduce and support this policy proposal supporting a critical component of health and well-being for transgender individuals.

In adopting this policy, the AMA was then able to join GLMA in an amicus brief filed to the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in support of Gavin Grimm, a transgender student fighting a school board decision that barred him from using the boys’ restrooms. 

GLMA still has more work to do with the AMA. 
Help us continue our important work to address the health concerns of LGBTQ people by joining GLMA & the AMA today!


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