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Lesbian Health Fund Publications 2010

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"US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of 17-Year-Old Adolescents"
  Periodical: American Journal of Pediatrics
Authors: Gartrell, N. & Bos, H.
Yr: 2010 Vol. 70 No. 4 (online abstract) 
Associated Grants: 1) National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study--Phase 5: Interviews with the 17-year-old teens and their Mothers, 2) The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, Time 3: Interviews with Mothers of Five Year Old, 3) National Longitudinal Lesbian Family study: Interviews with 10 year olds
"Preadoptive Factors Predicting Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Couples' Relationship Quality Across the Transition to Adoptive Parenthood"
  Periodical: Journal of Family Psychology
Authors: Goldberg, A. E, Smith, J. Z, Kashy, D.A.
Yr: 2010 Vol. 24 No. 3, 221-232
Associated Grant: Lesbian Adoptive Parents’ Adjustment One Year Post-Placement
"Beyond Expectation: Lesbian/Bi/Queer Women and Assisted Conception"
  Published by: University of Toronto Press
Authors: Luce. J.
Yr: 2010
Associated Grant: Lesbians and Assisted Conception: An Ethnographic Study
"The Complexity of Butch and Femme among Sexual Minority Women in the 21st Century"
  Periodical: Psychology of Sexualities Review (of the British Psychological Society)
Author: Rothblum, E.
Yr: 2010
Associated Grant: U.S. Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Women's Butch/Femme Roles in the 21st Century
"Women’s Sexual Satisfaction as a Predictor of Well-Being in Same-Sex versus Mixed-Sex Relationships"
  Periodical: Journal of Sex Research
Authors: Holmberg, D., Blair, K.L. & Phillips, M.
Yr: 2010 Vol: 47 No: 1 Pgs: 1-11
Associated Grant: Perceived Network Support for Relationships as a Predictor of Physical and Mental Health
"Where is The 'Women’s Community?' Voices of Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women and Their Heterosexual Sisters"
  Periodical: Feminism & Psychology
Author: Rothblum, E.D.
Yr: 2010 (In press)
Associated Grant: What is the Lesbian "Community"? A Pilot Study of Social Networks and Needs of Lesbians, Bisexual Women, and Their Heterosexual Sisters
"“Lesbians Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Overweight and Weight Reduction”"
  Periodical: Journal of Clinical Nursing
Authors: Roberts, S.J., Stuart-Shor, E.M., Oppenheimer, R.A.
Yr: 2010,Issue 19
Associated Grant: Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices Related to Cardiovascular Health and Risk Reduction among Lesbians
“Planning for future care needs: Experiences of Unmarried Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Women”
  Periodical: Women & Health
Authors: Clark, M.A., Boehmer, U., Rogers, M.L., and Sullivan, M.
Yr: 2010 (In press)
Associated Grant: Planning for Our Health and Economic Future: Experiences of Legally Unmarried Middle-aged and Older Women
“Advance Care Planning by Unmarried Women of Different Sexual Orientations: The Importance of Social Support”
  >Periodical: Journal of Women and Aging
Authors: Boehmer, U., Clark, M.A., and Sullivan, M.
Yr: 2010 (In press)
Associated Grant: Planning for Our Health and Economic Future: Experiences of Legally Unmarried Middle-aged and Older Women
“Lesbian Mothers’ Counseling Experiences in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence”
  Periodical: Psychology of Women Quarterly
Authors: Oswald, R. F., Fonseca, C. A., & Hardesty, J. L.
Yr: 2010,Vol: 34, Pgs: 286-296
Associated Grant: Intimate Partner Violence and Lesbian Motherhood
Health Risk Behaviors in an Urban Sample of Young Women Who Have Sex with Women”
  Periodical: Journal of Lesbian Studies
Authors: Herrick, A., Matthews, A., Garofalo, R.
Yr: 2010, Vol: 14 No: 1 Pgs: 80-92
Associated Grant: Prevalence and Correlates of Dating Violence among Lesbian and Bisexual Youth





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