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LeClair Bissell, MD

I have countless fond memories of LeClair over the many years I knew her. She was a truly kind woman who loved to help people learn how to help themselves, me included.

                              -Penelope P. Ziegler, M.D., FASAM 
Special Thank You
Leclair Bissel, longtime member of the Gay and Lesbian Association from 1994, passed away on August 20, 2008 at the age of 80.  We at GLMA want to extend a special thank you to Dr. LeClair Bissell, not only for the groundbreaking work she did in her lifetime, but also for her election to pass on her values of LGBT health care equality with a monetary gift to GLMA. Her very generous gift is the most recent to the GLMA Legacy Fund.

The Board of Directors has designated a good portion of her gift to be invested in the future of GLMA.  Relocating the office to the Washington, D.C. area for greater policy effectiveness and additional technology investments to improve our web presence, and facilitate greater member networking with social media are among the top priorities.

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Valerie K Ulstad, MD &
 Kahtleen Ogle, MD 
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Joan E Wurmbrand, MD 

Professional Accomplishments
Dr. Bissell co-founded the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and served as its president for many years. Bissell was a pioneer in addiction medicine and the author of several books, including “Alcoholism in the Professions,” Dr. Bissell published extensively in the field, in particular on the problem of addiction in healthcare providers. She established the Smithers Alcoholism Treatment and Training Center at Roosevelt Hospital in New York, the first university-affiliated, hospital-based alcohol rehabilitation unit in the United States.

She was a recipient of the coveted Elizabeth Blackwell Award of the American Medical Women’s Association, the group’s highest honor, and the Marty Mann Medal of the National Council on Alcoholism.

Other Involvements 
Dr. Bissell was known for her dedication to helping wounded animals. In the late 60's she and her life partner, Nancy Palmer, moved to Sanibel Island and helped to found the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.) Volunteer Emergency Rescue and Transport system. She is pictured here after kayaking out to rescue a white pelican near Sanibel Island in 2008.


Dr. Bissell was also involved with PFLAG; the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Coalition; and Planned Parenthood, and Zonta, a woman's organization.

She was preceeded in death by her life partner of 48 years, Nancy Palmer. The couple is pictured here during a trip to the Galapagos.

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