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Ways we try to ensure quality in GLMA's Provider Directory


Here are the ways we try to ensure that the providers listed in GLMA's Provider Directory are welcoming to LGBTQ people and knowledgeable about their unique needs:

  • The providers listed here have affirmed their commitment to your health. Read the affirmations.
  • You can see which providers are GLMA members. While GLMA is an association of predominantly LGBTQ healthcare professionals, not all GLMA members are LGBTQ, nor is membership a certification or guarantee of specific skills relating to serving LGBTQ persons. GLMA members have actively demonstrated their support for the health and wellness of LGBTQ people and are comfortable joining an association of LGBTQ healthcare professionals.
  • Providers whose listings indicate local organizations as community partners have been identified as LGBTQ welcoming by those organizations. You can sometimes learn more about the provider by contacting the organization associated with the provider as a community partner.  (You can also learn about additional services that may be offer by that organization.  Click on the organization's name to learn more.)

If you encounter a problem with a provider listed here, please contact us at info@glma.org. We may not be able to respond to complaints individually, and we cannot take any responsibility for the quality of care.  For more information, see our Terms of Use.

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