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Lesbian Parents and their Adopted Children Three Years Post-Placement

Abbie Goldberg, PhD
Clark University
Award Year: 2012

Initial Abstract

Little research has investigated the experiences and adjustment of lesbian adoptive parents and their adopted children (Farr, Forssell, & Patterson, 2010; Goldberg, Smith, & Kashy, 2010). The current study aims to examine parent and child adjustment in a sample of 50 lesbian adoptive mother families and 50 heterosexual adoptive parent families, three years after adoptive placement. The current sample was previously assessed prior to the adoptive placement, three months after they adopted, one year after they adopted, and two years after they adopted. Thus, collection of the current wave of data will allow me to: a) examine change in parent and child adjustment across the first three years of adoptive parenthood; and b) use data collected at earlier assessment points to predict both parent and child adjustment at three years post-placement. The findings of this study have implications for our understanding of adjustment and family processes in lesbian adoptive parent families. They also have implications for policy, insomuch as they can provide data to inform debates about the foster and adoptive placement of children in lesbian-parent families. Finally, the findings will also be of interest to social workers, adoption practitioners, lawyers, and other practitioners who work with lesbian mothers and their families.

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