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GLMA Issues Statement on 2020 Presidential Election

GLMA President Scott Nass and Executive Director Hector Vargas released the following statement on November 9, 2020:

"With Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris set to become the next President and Vice President of the United States, we at GLMA are rolling up our sleeves in preparation for the hard work ahead of us to restore the agenda for LGBTQ health equity and foster healing in our communities, especially for transgender people and people of color, who acutely experienced the pain and division caused by the policies and rhetoric of the last four years.

"GLMA welcomes the Biden-Harris transition team's first announcement earlier today naming a panel of public health experts to provide evidence-based advice on the coronavirus, signaling that federal policy based on science will be a guiding principle of their governance.

"GLMA fully expects this reliance on science, as well as the Biden-Harris team's demonstrated commitment to LGBTQ equality, will benefit the health and well-being of LGBTQ people. We are prepared to share the expertise of our health professional members with the transition team and work with the new administration come January 20, 2021, to advance policies on inclusive data collection, ensure nondiscrimination in and expand healthcare coverage and access, foster clinical and cultural competency, and promote many more LGBTQ-inclusive health and civil rights initiatives.

"We also understand it can’t be business as usual. As we stated earlier this year, ‘GLMA’s work must center the experiences of Black LGBTQ people and other people of color in our efforts to achieve LGBTQ health equity.’ This work will be critical to our ability to move forward as a nation and begin to address the systemic racism—and sexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia—that is inherent in our society.

"Finally, we recognize the hope and pride inherent in Kamala Harris’s place in history as the first woman, Black person, South Asian, bi-racial person, and child of immigrants to become Vice President-Elect. Her example sends an important message of inclusion, possibility, and perseverance that we must honor as we do the necessary and challenging work ahead of us."

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