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April 2010 (To print, click the print icon on your browser
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GLMA Announces Success in Making Jackson Memorial Hospital Policies More Inclusive of the Needs of the LGBT Community

After a year-long process, yesterday Jackson Memorial Hospital, GLMA and other LGBT organizations announced that the hospital has now put in place a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, a patient's bill of rights that demonstrates the hospital's commitment to providing quality care for LGBT patients, and a visitation policy that updates the definition of family to include same-sex partners and other people who may not be legally related to a patient. GLMA became involved in this case after learning about Lambda Legal’s lawsuit on behalf of Janice Langbehn and her children. While at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Langbehn claimed she and her children were subjected to verbal harassment and denied visitation with the children’s mother and Janice’s partner of 18 years, Lisa Pond, who subsequently died in the hospital while being treated. Janice described her experiences at the hospital during the 2008 GLMA Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington.

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